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A reengineered industrial area along the East River in Queens, Long Island City is well-known for its glistening high-rises with panoramic views and art galleries of Manhattan which are appealing to the local artists and young professionals.

Under the state’s workers’ compensation laws, if you have been injured while you were executing your duties, as a result of the negligence of your employer or a co-employee, you have the authority to seek benefits for lost wages and to have your medical expenses covered. It can seem like an open and shut set-up but do not expect your employer to make the proceedings effortless for you. Your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company both have a vested interest in paying you as less as feasible in the demanding situation. You want skilled and knowledgeable workers’ compensation advocates to be your confidant throughout the affair and provide you services like car accident injury treatment Long Island City, NY.

The amount of compensation payable depends on a few variables, including:

  • The amount you were paid by your employer in the previous year
  • The severity of your disability
  • How long your injury will keep you from returning to the worksite
  • And the medical costs needed that is directly linked to your injury
The injured people at work can collect from three types of worker’s compensation benefits such as cash benefits, medical benefits, and supplemental benefits. The total reimbursements you are qualified to receive from each depends on the variables above.
Medical providers authorized by the state’s workers compensation board will also cover pharmacy expenses such as medications that are prescribed for injury-related reasons. Medical fees are to be waived by those covered by worker’s compensation. If the injured requires physical therapy or other rehabilitation services due to a work-related injury, these expenses can also be covered by medical benefits.
No one expects to be hurt at work. Even if they did, understanding the complicated process of a worker’s compensation application is not what most working Americans have time for. It takes years of legal training and experience to successfully navigate the intricacies of applying for workers compensation Long Island City, NY and obtaining a satisfyingly full and final settlement.
While many workers injured on the job do know their rights and responsibilities try to obtain their compensation alone which leads to mistakes that cause a delay in payment. Worst case scenarios involve injured workers not being granted the compensation benefits they deserve.

The insurance carriers for your employer will always attempt to pay as little as possible. They do not advocate for your well-being but your employer’s. To be qualified for worker’s compensation in Long Island City, NY your injury must have occurred during any one of the following scenarios:

  • While performing any duty or responsibility related to your work
  • While you were actually at your job site performing your duties

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