Dr. Annabelle Tungcab

Dr. Annabelle Tungcab (Physical therapist)

Annabelle earned her Bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Emilio Aguinaldo College in Manila, Philippines and received her doctorate degree in physical therapy from Dominican College at Orangeburg, NY. She has hands on experience in various settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, home care and outpatient clinics both in the Philippines and here in the US. Annabelle has extensive experience and skilled in physical rehabilitation and pain management rehabilitation. She has planned and administered treatment modalities; PT equipment and Therapeutic exercises program for patients from diverse backgrounds, pediatric to geriatric patients, as well as handled various cases such as orthopedics, neurologic, medical, cardiac and post-operative cases. Annabelle is a certified Kinesio Tape practitioner and Northwell Health (Homecare) affiliate.