Dr. James Flannigan

Dr. James Flannigan (Chiropractor)

Dr. Flannigan received his bachelor’s degree in human biology (western states) from LACC in 1991 and received his chiropractic degree from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. He is certified in Diversified Chiropractic technique as well as activator, Gonsted, flexion distraction, and Advanced Bio structural correction technique. Dr. Flannigan focuses on personalized treatment plans and goals, and prioritizes compassion and individual approach to each patient. After treating with Dr. Flannigan, you may expect to move more freely, experience less pain, have better sleep and gain balance in your body and in your emotions. Dr. James is a licensed QME- Qualified Medical Evaluator; his medical evaluations are thorough and extensive, creating a unique personalized treatment plans based on your exclusive objectives such as medical history, complaints, habits and concerns.